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With thousands of vendors selling products online, you may ask yourself "who has the best price?" or more importantly, "who can I trust?"

In 12 years of purchasing computer products, I've dealt with hundreds of online vendors. Here are several items to consider when purchasing computers and parts online:

Trustworthy Sources:
Questionable online vendors do exist. However, these "shady" vendors usually don't last too long with the advent of blogs and customer feedback. A little research and experience goes a long way in finding reliable sources.

Price Fluctuations:
Certain online vendors sell certain products at much better prices than other products they may offer. For example, a vendor might be competitive on hardware, but not on software, or may sell competitively priced printers, but have inflated prices on hard drives.

Hidden Costs:
This is where the "buying game" gets somewhat tricky. Some vendors that offer products cheaper than competitors tack on the so-called "savings" to the shipping and handling costs. Also, you’ll want to consider the price of consumables when choosing products.

If you let me know what product you’re interested in or what functionality you need, I'll combine my experience and knowledge with research to find the best deal from vendors you can trust. That's it! You can also ask me questions about products, such as, "is it worth it?" or "is there a better product or solution available?"

My goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with my clients. I will ONLY recommend a product that's in my client's best interest. This philosophy serves us both well. According to author Douglas Adams, "Nothing travels faster than the speed of light, with the exception of bad news, which follows its own rules."

For help with your personal or business computer, peripheral, and network decisions, start a chat session by clicking on the above icon or e-mail: support@rampcs.com.