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Access Your Remote Data Securely
Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft and Other Online Fraud

When accessing secure data or a secure area on a website, a user is required to authenticate or prove
him or herself based on certain criteria. These basic factors may be described in the following manner:

1. Type your username and password.
2. Answer your phone and enter your PIN.

Something You KNOW
Your username and password

Something You HAVE
Your badge, card or other key, in this case, your cell phone

Something You ARE
Your voice, fingerprint, etc., a/k/a BIOMETRICS


When you implement two of these factors in combination with one another, you can drastically reduce online identity theft and other online fraud. A good example of a multiple factor or two-factor authentication is an ATM card, something you have, and your PIN, something you know.

RM Computers can implement a two-factor authentication for remote access to your home or office that is fully HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant.

Video: Two-Factor Authentication


How does it work?
Our solution simply works by placing a confirmation call to your phone during the login process. Simply answer your phone and press “#” (or enter a PIN) to confirm the login.

Do I need to install anything on my phone?
Absolutely nothing needs to be installed on your phone. The phone call can be placed to any landline or mobile phone, including office extensions. Because there are no end-user devices, enrollment and training are a breeze – all you need is the phone number.

How long does it take to authenticate?
Authentication takes just seconds to complete. The phone call is sent instantly when a user logs into an application or initiates a transaction. As soon as the user responds (by answering the call and pressing “#” or a PIN), the login or transaction is complete.

Is your service PCI-DSS compliant?
RM Computer’s two-factor authentication solution complies with FFIEC Guidelines, PCI Data Security Standards, HIPAA, NIST and other industry standards.

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